Joining Forces To Upskill Recruiters

COVID-19 is just the start of how recruitment is changing.

Recruiters, HR Experts, and Vendors can work together to help others.

Together, we have an impact.

We are building a platform with online courses and tools to help recruiters prepare for the change happening right now

Stronger together

Every single one of us has a unique skill set that can help others cope with and get ahead of the changes. If we all share our knowledge, time, and resources, we have a great impact on what lies ahead. 

The choices we make as recruiters influence the market. We are the people who bring talent into companies. If we can prepare ourselves to work effectively in the new environment, we can help thousands of companies get back on their feet. We are the engine that drives the market.

The time is to act now

COVID-19 served as a catalyst for the inevitable changes in the future of work and recruitment. In just a few weeks,  we all landed in a new world of remote-first. This opens a precedent that will keep on going even after the world crisis is contained. This is the moment when we can all join forces and help each other grow. Let's show the world what's best in us and how we can cooperate for a greater good.

How to contribute

Together we can make a difference

The Doers


Why me?

You are the moving force behind every industry. Thanks to your hard work, companies are able to recruit talent that lets them compete on the market.

What can I do?

You can upskill yourself to excel at your job in the new remote environment. To do that, access the courses and take the certifications provided on the platform.

Is that all?

Spread the love! If you feel that what your getting is valuable to share, like and leave reviews as a form to say thank you to the Vendors and Experts.

The Tools


Why me?

You are the engine of our industry. Your technology makes it possible to exceed individual and company goals in the new environment.

What can I do?

You can provide your tool for free in this difficult time so that recruiters are able to learn to use it. This way, you can nurture your champions that will promote you in the future.

Is that all?

Let's create a course to teach Recruiters how to use your tool and provide certification. We will provide the platform to do that you provide the content.

The Teachers

Industry experts

Why me?

You are the rocket fuel that can make it all happen! Be the hero that the recruitment industry needs today. Your knowledge and expertise are essential to help others take off.

What can I do?

You can share your expertise in the form of an online course. The course can end with a certificate. We will provide the platform to do that, you provide the content.

Is that all?

You have the power to convince others to act now. Talk to other industry experts you know and let's all join forces to help the recruitment industry.

Our Partners

They support us in making things happen.

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