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What’s in the course?

Tech Recruitment Certification Course is a free training course covering the fundamentals of IT recruitment.
The course is packed full with up-to-date information about developer landscape, findings of industry reports and intel on the IT recruitment process. It also comprises tried and true tricks of industry experts so you can turn knowledge into action and effective tools designed to boost your HR metrics.

Who can get certified?

  • Tech Recruiters and IT Recruiters who want to become leaders in IT recruitment,
  • Recruiters hiring developers on a daily basis as well as occasionally,
  • Sourcers who want to be more effective in attracting top developers,
  • HR Managers who wish to streamline their IT recruitment process,
  • Anyone who hires programmers, coders, developers and software engineers.

Subjects covered

  1. How to design a fully functional hiring process in IT
  2. Screening & Interview
  3. Offer & Hire
  4. Quality of Hire, Time to Hire & Cost per Hire
  5. The cost of recruiting a developer
  6. Hiring more women in tech
  7. HR and IT department cooperation – how to make it work
  8. The 10 steps of successful tech sourcing
  9. The grave sins of tech sourcing
  10. Inbound & Social Sourcing
  11. The best places to source software developers from
  12. How to source software developers from LinkedIn, Stack Overflow & GitHub
  13. The best tools for sourcing & screening technical talent
  14. A glossary of IT terms

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